Shock As Commercial Motorcyclists Beat, Burn Sound Engineer To Death In Lagos Due To Disagreement Over N100 Balance

Sound Engineer
In what will seem to be a truly disastrous turn of events, a youngster, basically distinguished as David, has been lynched and consumed to death.

He was killed purportedly by a gathering of Hausa men over a misconception that resulted on account of N100 offset with a business motorcyclist, famously called Okada rider.

It was discovered that things got warmed up and brought about a battle among David and one of the business motorcyclists.

As indicated by sources, the circumstance before long deteriorated as additional motorcyclists purportedly jumped on David and his companions, beating them till they became oblivious.

David, who was supposed to be a sound designer, was coming back from a club when the episode happened at Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, a couple of days prior.

A video got by SaharaReporters shows the departed was being beaten close by yet-to-be-distinguished men, said to be David’s companions.

David’s companions, Frank (saxophonist) and Philip (keyboardist) are supposed to get treatment in an undisclosed clinic.

A tweet by Ufuoma (@thecoloredpen), said, “#JusticeforDavid killed in Lagos over #100 change #JusticeForDeborahSamuel killed in Sokoto #JusticeforPhillipandFrank battling for their lives in the emergency clinic.

She added, “A gathering of artists in Lagos had “ordinary” to play at Beer-bar along Admiralty street that night. The sound designer and console player who mounted a similar bicycle had a contention with the okada man (an aboki fellow) which brought about what turned into an inhumane evening.

“The other okada riders (that were of a similar clan) emerged and attempted to vindicate their “sibling”. To spare the nitty-gritty details, attempt were pummeled into a bloody mess and the sound designer lost his life in that general area. “As though that was adequately not, the sound specialist was singed not too far off out and about. To exacerbate the situation, the saxophonist that was to play for the night found out about the thing was occurring while the battle recently followed and he went to attempt to settle not having a full handle of what was truly happening.

“On arriving, he was additionally thrashed almost to death. The saxophonist (Frank) and the keyboardist (Philip) must be taken to the crisis unit of the clinic where they were subsequently conceded. Philip plays for D’banj Frank plays for Phyno.”

This episode was additionally affirmed by somebody who depicted himself as a companion of the departed.

The companion additionally stated, “My companion was beaten and set burning at Lekki stage 1 two days prior. A dad of 2 kids was beaten into a state of unconsciousness and consumed. No to Jungle equity. A dad of 2 small kids passed on that way.

“He was the sound specialist in my congregation. Perceive how his life finished due to N100 change. Here and there I keep thinking about whether the country Nigeria even began.

“What precisely is happening in this country? Simply perceive how was set ablaze over N100 change contention/battle with a Hausa Okada man. Two of Dave’s companions who were with him are right now in ICU. They were completely lynched to a mash. This occurred in Lekki 1 goodness, not Sokoto gracious.”

SaharaReporters discovered that the business motorcyclist, who had a conflict with David before the matter declined further, has been captured by the police.

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