Why I Fought Dirty With Lagos Businesswoman In Public – Mercy Aigbe

Aigbe took to her Instagram stories on Monday, where she described what happened at the occasion.

Nollywood entertainer, Mercy Aigbe has opened up on what prompted her battle with a famous Lagos finance manager, Omolara Olukotun prevalently known as Larrit.

In an Instagram post on Monday, she described what happened at the occasion and what caused the battle between them.

As indicated by the entertainer, Lara was a colleague who out of nowhere turned into an adversary.

Aigbe guaranteed that the finance manager had severally offended her via online entertainment notwithstanding the way that before, she had belittled Larrit’s business as well as the other way around.

“I was at a companion’s store opening (@rhemmygold) to celebrate with her. Larrit was one of the visitors,” she composed

“This lady, because of reasons most popular to her defamations me online at each open door she gets. She has done many live recordings and presents on this impact. I attempted to contact her to comprehend what the issues were, yet she decided to overlook me.

“Lara and I are associates. I have belittled her business and she additionally has done in like manner. So I was amazed and confounded how she abruptly turned into a foe. I sent messages to her on WhatsApp, I called not many individuals near her to comprehend the reason why she would choose to turn into a main bad guy, all endeavors demonstrated failed.”

The entertainer additionally asserted that Larrit likewise proceeded with the meat at the occasion regardless of a few solicitations from different participants to stop.

“At the party yesterday, she began with similar energy, tossing words at me, calling me names and being ill bred. At first, I tried to avoid panicking, and didn’t answer her. Individuals around her spoke to her to stop, yet Lara wouldn’t stop thus chose to go to bat for myself and I fought back with a similar energy.

“It became warmed and everybody around attempted to facilitate harmony, however she actually wouldn’t stop. Sooner or later, she attempted to toss a jug at me yet it hit a woman sitting before her and there was commotion. I ventured out to leave in the uproar however my companion begged me to remain including the celebrant. I returned in and she began going after me verbally once more. Ultimately, she was removed from the party, and she left.

“She overdid it with her can’t stand yesterday. The jug might have hurt somebody and it would turn into a lawbreaker case. This was a superfluous assault. Nonetheless, I might want to apologize to fans and family who felt I ought to have dealt with the entire circumstance in an unexpected way. Please accept my apologies,” she composed.

The said quarrel occurred at a ritzy occasion on Sunday wherein Nollywood entertainers like Iyabo Ojo, Eniola Ajao, and Bimbo Thomas were in participation.

In recordings making adjusts on the Internet, the team got into a contention that raised after Larrit tossed a container at the entertainer.

Aigbe was subsequently accompanied out of the occasion in the midst of a group by cops.

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